For years Spanky & Amy Assiter have graced our TV screens and won our hearts with their wit, caring ways and professionalism. They’ve been a part of so many memories in time as some of the most iconic collectible automotive pieces in history have changed ownership with the slam of their gavel.

Gary and Muffy Bennett have become icons themselves among the elite sellers and buyers within the classic and collector realm of fine specialty automobiles. With a vast knowledge second to none which can only come with time their expertise in the industry is unmatched.

The concept of Freedom came from change and the desire to see change.

Not changes in what matters most like the relationships that are cultivated over years of converging at classic and collectible events but the change to see better service and create a better experience for the classic and collectible seller, buyer and spectator.

Improving the Selling Experience is a goal at Freedom. Making the buying experience even more exciting and enjoyable is always on our minds. Not to mention bringing in new fans and collectors into our Freedom family.

The name itself “Freedom” implies what’s important. Freedom to love our friends we’ve made over the years. Freedom to love Family…. our own and our extended brothers and sisters from the classic and specialty car world. Love for our World Class staff who’ve been handpicked from because of their dedication to their craft, each other and you. Love for customers and clients who put great faith in us to achieve results. Freedom to treat people the way we want to be treated. Freedom to love this great country of opportunity and Freedom to spotlight our military and speak openly and freely about the sacrifices they’ve made for the Freedom of every citizen of the United States of America.

Freedom to do a good job for people who have entrusted us with their valued assets, their families and their time.

That’s who Freedom Car Auctions is and who we will always strive to be.

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