Freedom has one thing to offer you. Great Service backed by years of experience marketing highly collectible automobiles. Sell your collector car, memorabilia, or entire collection with Freedom.


Entry Fee: $350.00

All sales are subject to a minimum commission of $500

Selling your vehicle with No Reserve means your vehicle WILL BE SOLD to the highest bidder regardless of price. From the seller's perspective, selling a vehicle with No Reserve can be desirable because it potentially attracts a greater number of bidders due to the possibility of a bargain. With more bidder participation, a higher price may ultimately be achieved because of heightened competition. If you want to sell your vehicle, selling No Reserve is the best way because it will sell on auction day for what buyers deem as market price and possibly even more.

Consignor Packet


Entry Fee: $350.00

All sales are subject to a minimum commission of $500

You have the Freedom to sell with Reserve. Selling with Reserve simply means setting a minimum price at which you are willing to sell. Only you and our team will know the Reserve price. When selling with a Reserve, you will work with our Auction Agents to set a realistic price. Our goal and yours is to get the vehicle sold for the highest possible amount and the Reserve is only an insurance policy. If the bidding does not achieve the Reserve amount, you do not have to sell, and no other fees will be charged. On auction day we ask that you come to the seller ambassadors’ podium when your vehicle enters the block. You will have the opportunity to accept the highest bid, if necessary, to get your vehicle sold.


At the beginning of each Auction Event, we like to offer a limited amount of memorabilia. This is always a fun and much anticipated portion of our auction that gets the bidding off to a rapid start. From porcelain signs to gas pumps, from neon signs to pedal cars this is a great opportunity to sell a surplus portion, or all the items in your collection that adorn the walls, rafters, and floorspace. We do ask that these items be consigned with No Reserve. Consign your memorabilia items quickly as space is always limited and to get the most marketing exposure.

Print Memorabilia Consignor Packet


Click to Open Photography Guide
CLICK HERE for our convenient Collector Car Photography Guide on how to get the best results when photographing your vehicles.
The photos of your vehicle will be used for listing on and as promotional publications for the auction. Quality images maximize your vehicle's selling potential and marketability.

Prepare Your Vehicle For Auction


  1. Complete and sign the appropriate consignment agreement based on the type of asset(s) you will be selling. You can fill out the forms online, print and return to the Freedom Car Auctions team via email, fax, or standard mail. See Consignor packet for all address information.
  2. Provide payment for vehicle entry fees via credit card or credit card processing form.
  3. Include copies of all vehicle related documents with your consignment package and deliver actual documents prior to the auction. (Title, Registration, Dealer License if applicable, Signed Power of Attorney, Supporting Documentation)
  4. Review the Collector Car Photography Guide and email your quality photographs to

Auction Check-in

  1. Make preparations for your vehicle(s) to be at the auction site during the specified check-in dates and times. See your Consignor Packet for the check-in dates and time for the specific auction.
  2. If you have pre-registered your vehicle(s) by submitting your consignor package, entry payment, and vehicle docs this will expedite the check-in process at the auction site.
  3. Pre-registered vehicles will be processed at the vehicle entry door. Our check-in staff will verify the vehicle VIN, place our vehicle check-in form on the windshield, and check the fuel level. For safety reasons please ensure your vehicle has no more than ¼ tank of fuel. Also, it is essential that your vehicle have a good battery for starting.
  4. If you have not pre-registered, you will first need to visit our on-site consignment office prior to placing vehicle in the check-in line. In the office you will pay the entry fees, complete, and sign all appropriate documents. Please ensure that your vehicles paperwork gets delivered to this office and not left in the vehicle.

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