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1931 Traditional Ford Hot Rod
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Freedom Choctaw Auction Durant, OK
12 noon to 5 pm - Friday,  September 30th  - Choctaw Event Center, 3702 Choctaw Rd, Durant, OK 74701
1931 Traditional Ford Hot Rod

Presented for auction is this professionally designed and built A-V8 1931 Ford Roadster.  This is the last car Ron bought in the collection and the first roadster after many years searching for just the right one.  He purchased it on June 29, 2017. The Texas Vehicle Inspection Report dated August 25, 2017 showed an odometer reading of 265 miles.  It was built over a couple of years prior to being offered for sale using inspiration from builders like Vern Tardel and the Rolling Bones.  The description following is an adaptation of the seller’s detailed description of the building of this car.

The car started its life with a new body from Brookville Roadster. The body started its transformation at Steadfast MFG. There Henry Richards took the body to the next level by installing his proto-type rear subrail kit to mount the body to a 32 chassis. He also fabricated the rear crossmember cover, grafted in and shortened the 1940 ford dash, and modified the rear to accept a 32 tank. Once the body was ready, the deck lid was punched with 144 louvers, a brookville 32 cowl vent was installed, the stainless windshield posts were laid back, and a custom floorboard and several custom made braces were installed to stiffen up the body. Then the entire inside of the car was sprayed with Line-X. The outside of the body was completely scotch brited then clear coated with a product from Por 15. It has held up very well and hasn’t yellowed.

The frame of the car started out as a really nice and clean original frame with all three original crossmembers. The K-member is still uncut with rivets and is very nice. Mounted to the K-member is a set of modified 1932 pedals with an adapter to use the correct mastercylinder. The frame was sent to Thunder Road in Mansfield Ohio where it was put in a jig and squared up and there it had the model A rear crossmember installed and the front crossmember modified to fit the motor. The chassis consists of an original chromed 1932 wishbone connected to a really rare Okie Adams dropped chrome axel (less than 100 made). On the old chrome spindles are mounted new Wilson Welding lincoln brakes. In the rear is an original banjo rear end out of a 1937 ford that was from a restored car. It is mounted with the original shocks and a pair of 1936 ford bones in the rear and also another pair of Wilson Welding brakes. The torque tube was also professionally shortened to mount up to the transmission. At this point the chassis and some suspension parts were powdercoated either a satin or gloss black to match. The chassis rides on a set of 16” steelies in the front and a pair of 18” in the back. They are wrapped in new Excelsior Stahl radial tires, 5.50/16 and 7.00/18. Then a set of Kevin Lee spun aluminum discs were powdercoated and installed with chrome hubcaps.

The best part of the car has to be the flathead which was built for an online magazine. It was a show piece that was built and documented in detail for a 4 part series online article for Precision Engine Tech. It can be read here: https://theshopmag.com/features/project-flathead-part-1 There was over $10,000 in parts alone put into this engine from all of the name brand companies. Some of the parts include an original 1949-1953 block which was sanded and smoothed to a perfect finish, a Scat crank, Scat rods, Egge piston and ring set, Egge valves and valve springs with guides and adjustable lifters, Egge connecting rod and main bearings, mellings oil pump, MSD distributor and wires, Fluidamper crank pully, Tuff Stuff alternator, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Isky cam, Egge waterpumps chromed, Best gaskets, early polished Eddie Meyer intake water cooled, and two original 97 Large logo Stromberg carbs fully rebuilt with gennie parts and plumbed with copper lines, and a custom made air cleaner is mounted on top. Also complimenting the engine is an original beehive oil filter that was chromed in the 50's. The engine is mounted to a completely rebuilt 1939 Ford transmission.

The engine is cooled by a set of chrome new waterpumps and an electric fan and mounted to a Walker Radiator. Mounted to the radiator is a new Brookville grill that was grafted with an original 1932 ford commercial grill. The bullnose area of the commercial grill was removed and reshaped to blend into the aftermarket grill. The insert on the grill is an original and with a center chrome trim bar designed to resemble a Pines Winterfront. In front of that is mounted a custom built headlight bar to resemble the Rolling Bones style with NOS 1932 Ford commercial headlights. To light up the rear is a set of chrome Electroline taillights.

The steering consists of a new Schroeder steering box with a 16:1 ratio reducer and drilled aluminum pitman arm. Extra support has been mounted inside the cowl to allow for this setup. Outside is a hand made aluminum blister to cover the steering box. Mounted to the top of the column is a new 1940 ford style steering wheel. Inside the car is a custom Tea’s seat recovered in distressed Maroon vinyl, a set of original 40 ford gauges(not working), a chrome glove box hides a set of 3 gauges, a Rebel wiring panel, and an original pair of military seat belts.

A couple of other things are the new gas tank with a custom made gas cap in the back. A rolled front spreader bar, and a custom recessed rear spreader bar. Socal front shock mounts and chrome pete and jake shocks up front. Custom wire looms up front, a custom made battery box, and a handmade cup holder.

Included with the purchase of this car is a custom single piece front demi hood with leather straps that attach it to the car as well as a custom made black vinyl landau top. 

This is how they use to build them before all the technology. You feel every bump, you can feel the lines in the road, you feel like you are turning back time driving this car.


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